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1st 10km Uphill Walk Challenge in Lonoy, Maasin City

SLT1263 May 4-11, 2024

The Uphill Challenge, organized by Tojoy Laraga, has taken center stage in promoting health consciousness while highlighting the upcoming barangay days and fiestas. This event, held recently in Maasin, garnered attention from fitness enthusiasts and community members alike, aiming to inspire individuals to embrace an active lifestyle.

The purpose behind the run event is not only to test endurance but also to encourage individuals passionate about health activities. With the overarching goal of fostering continuous growth in personal health, the event aims to create a platform for individuals to showcase their dedication to wellness.

“The Uphill Challenge is more than just a run; it’s about strengthening the immune system and promoting overall well-being,” remarked Laraga, the brains behind the initiative. “By organizing events like these, we aim to attract like-minded individuals who are committed to their health journey.”

Moreover, the event serves as a signal for future projects and improvements, with plans to make it an annual affair. The focus is on providing a safe and engaging environment for participants, especially those keen on such activities, to keep them away from vices and foster a sense of community.
In line with this, a petition has been initiated to garner support for such events, emphasizing the transformative power of detoxifying one’s body. The Uphill Challenge welcomed participants from various places such as Ormoc, Baybay, Surigao, and Pintuyan, with information readily available on social media platforms like Facebook.

Another exciting event was—a biking race last May 1st in Lonoy. Starting at 6 am from the Capitol and concluding at PLDT, the race was a thrilling experience for participants with categories: 39 below, 40 and below also for boys and girls tailored to different age groups, organizers ensure inclusivity and accessibility for everyone to ensure a smooth experience. Five (5) stations were set up across barangays, providing participants with refreshing fruits and support along the way. This attention to detail reflects the organizers’ commitment to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable event for all involved.

Reflecting on her experience, participant Lea Ramos shared her perspective on attending the run event. “It’s not just about running; it’s about raising awareness for health and showcasing the beauty of Lonoy. It brings the community together and inspires a sense of communicating among participants,” she expressed. Ramos learned about the event through social media and local advertisements, highlighting the effectiveness of digital platforms in spreading awareness. (Andrea Vista)

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