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Bontoc celebrates 74th Anniversary

SLT1269 June 15-21, 2024

Bontoc is gearing up for its 74th Araw ng Bontoc on June 15, 2024. The day’s schedule is packed with events that celebrate the town’s rich cultural heritage.

The festivities begin at 1:00 PM with an Anniversary Mass at Sto. Parish Church, followed by a Civic Military Parade showcasing the town’s unity and pride.

At the Bontoc Municipal Grounds, elementary students will compete in a Drum & Lyre Band Competition, highlighting the town’s musical talent.
The day culminates at 7:00 PM with the Anniversary Night and Awarding Ceremony at the Bontoc Municipal Covered Court, honoring those who have contributed to the town’s development and cultural preservation.

Throughout the day, visitors can enjoy traditional cuisine, browse local crafts, and explore cultural exhibits, immersing themselves in the spirit of Bontoc.

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