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Covid Vaccine Deaths Silenced?

Here are eyewitness accounts of deaths and health injuries after people got Covid-19 vaccines. One was in a mountain barangay where it was reported that seven (7) people died after getting Covid shots. This was learned from a carpenter friend of mine who helped in the construction of a residential house. He said one his co-workers died and his mouth was foaming with saliva minutes after getting Covid shots.
Another incident was that in a coastal barangay where people scheduled for vaccination lined up for the activity. After one got the shot, he also had his mouth foaming with saliva; the others on line immediately disappeared. This was revealed to us by an eyewitness who worked on the renovation of a residential house of a friend of mine.
Another fearful incident was the one in barangay Ichon which was ordered under lockdown for days. Residents there told their friends in Maasin not to get vaccinated because some had died and that they were declared Covid-positive when, in fact, they died after getting the vaccines.
In Malitbog town some people also died after getting those much -vaunted vaccine jabs which were advertised as “safe” even with all the deaths being hushed up. “Ajaw mo’g saba…” was the common request for deaths to be kept confidential.
There were also reports that some medical personnel were told to recruit people to get vaccinated; for each recruit, P1,500 or P2,000 is given to the recruiter as incentive. Other tempting come-ons were in the form of cash or cash gifts or gift certificates for voluntary vaccination.
So it is happening that Covid vaccines are now getting unpopular among many Filipinos. This plus the fact that vaccines were reported to contain poisons like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde (known locally as formalene used in preserving fish called “mindanaoan” in the wet market), and other deadly chemicals like Chloroform which turns into Phosgene gas. There is also that chemical called “SM-102.” It is reported that Chloroform, like any other chemical, breaks down. When it comes into contact with oxygen, it breaks down into Phosgene gas. SM-102 is never fit for humans or animals. It is only a persons physical endurance to absorb these chemicals and had them exited from the body that spells life or death.
SM-102 is manufactured by the Cayman Chemical Company and has been marketed as it is, unfit for humans and animals.
In another mountain barangay, a councilman died after a vaccine jab; while another had his testicles inflamed after getting vaccinated and he could not walk normally until now.
It is up for you to decide to get your vaccines. But you should know that AstraZeneca and Pfizer’s vaccines were banned in Spain, Indonesia and other countries. In Italy, vaccination cards were burned by angry people. In Brazil, 32,000 people died from Covid vaccine shots. In the United States, 90 drivers of school buses resigned on the vaccine issue; 70 of them did so just in one day. About 2,100 children were given initial $1,000 for fare each and $500 after due to the absence of buses to fetch them. Moderna was found by Japanese medical experts to contain black particles.
Protests are growing in the United States in many school districts among parents, school officials, associations and other much concerned groups.
Last September 1, in Butuan City 48 people died after vaccination and 18 military personnel died a day after on September 2. This was revealed to us by a close friend who came from Butuan City very recently.
We have mentioned here actual incidents of deaths due to vaccine jabs, deaths which were actually claimed to be caused by the Covid-19 virus, thus the purported spike of Covid-19 cases.
We don’t have any ulterior motive in revelation, but only to inform people. “My body, my choice” goes that popular slogan in the United States.

by Joe Mancera

photo source: RHU-Anahawan

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