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Enforcers need body cameras in serving warrants

The Supreme Court (SC) requires the trial court to include an order for the law enforcement officers to use at least one body camera and an alternative recording device in its arrest warrant issuances. The body camera and recording device are to be worn in “conspicuous location,” to record the incidents. Two alternative recording devices can only be used when justified.
The SC said that enforcement officers must notify the persons being arrested that the execution of a warrant of arrest is recorded; that the devices are activated as soon as the operation starts and only turned off when the process is terminated and the arrested persons had been sent to the nearest police station or jail.
Should the law enforcers fail to observe the proper wearing of body-worn cameras and alternative recording devices, the arrest and the evidence obtained will be considered “inadmissible” in court, as stated in the SC resolution. And, the law enforcers “may be held for contempt” if rules are not followed. (Photo source: pna.gov)

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