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Entuna tops board exam 2nd time

Jane De Asis Entuna, an 8th placer garnered 92.80%, took Major in Biological Science, was among the ten (10) highest placer in the October 2022 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).
PRC released the results last December 16, for the October 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) in Elementary with a passing rate of 54.43% and in Secondary with a passing rate of 50.94%. PRC further announced that out of 91,468 only 49,783 or 54.43 percent of the examiners who passed from Elementary Level, while out of 139,534 only 71, 080 passed the secondary level.
Jane De Asis Entuna, is a cum laude graduate of Visayas State University who finished Bachelor of Animal Science. She is also placed 8th among all the passers on Licensure Examination for Agriculturist last 2019 with an average of 87.83 percent.
Jane hails from barangay Manhilo, Maasin City, Southern Leyte. She is the eldest daughter, of two siblings, of Enrique Costillas Entuna Jr. and Mrs. Geralyn De Asis Entuna.
She is currently working as a Senior High School Teacher in Manhilo National High School, in return of service as a former scholar of DOST.
There were times Jane lost her hope because of exhaustion from working 8 hours and reviewing 4 hours a day, and her review scores were not great. She even decided not to continue month before the exam, but her friend never stopped encouraging her and she decided to finish the review and to take the exam.
“I encountered a lot of challenges during the review, but my greatest struggle was that I did not have extensive knowledge in the field of education. Yes, I may have served the Department of Education for almost two years during the time of the review, but I still consider my learning to be lacking. This is the reason why I needed to exert more effort in studying because there was only a little time until the day of the examination,” Jane said in a chat interview.
“…I struggled with my internet connection because I was enrolled in a pure online review and our review center has rigid rules. It was so frustrating that I couldn’t fully absorb the lessons during the lecture because I got disconnected most of the time. Furthermore, I already feel tired at the start of every review because I have already exhausted my energy from working 8 hours in the school where I am assigned. There are even times when I doze off during the review.”
“I also felt extreme pressure because I topped my previous exam, and I feel like it would be a shame if I didn’t top the LET. I know this is somehow shallow, but that is what I really felt during that time. Looking back, it was really a tough journey, but I’m still thankful that the result is something that I can be proud of,” Jane expressed.
Jane’s most unforgettable experience was topping both the licensure exam for agriculturists and the licensure exam for teachers, “I will never forget both since I have worked hard to earn them, and they also remind me that being surrounded by people who genuinely support you in your dreams gives you a different level of motivation”.
On the other hand, Southern Leyte State University, Saint Joseph College and The College of Maasin proudly produce LET passers.
Saint Joseph College had 146 passers, with 92.86% passing rate in Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) and 73.65% in Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED).
Southern Leyte State University managed to produce a whopping 355 passers, from the Main Campus and other Campuses, for the elementary level, Southern Leyte State U-Tomas Oppus Campus and Southern Leyte State U-Main Campus got an institutional passing rate of 100% and 91% respectively.
Meanwhile, for the secondary level, Tomas Oppus Campus got 80.58% passing rate, 78.79% in Hinunangan Campus, 73.03% in Main Campus, and 66.67% in San Juan Campus.
Dr. Prose Ivy G. Yepes, University President, is very much happy with the results as they justify the recognition that the University received being the Center for Development of the Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Secondary Education.
Moreover, The College of Maasin produced 9 passers in the Bachelor of Elementary Education with a total performance of 77.78%, this includes 6 passers out of 7 firs¬t takers and 1 passer out of 2 repeaters. While in Secondary Education, 22 out of 28 first takers passed and 3 passers out of 4 repeaters passed with a total performance of 78.13%.

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