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EVRAA 2023 Medalists of Southern Leyte and Maasin City Divisions

The Eastern Visayas Regional Athletic Association (EVRAA) Meet was held on April 24 to 27, 2023. The event was participated by the 13 Divisions’ athletic delegates. A total of 5,149 athletes joined the largest regional sports event.
Southern Leyte and Maasin City Divisions won a total of 130 medals in different athletic sports categories.
Southern Leyte garnered 10 gold medals, 9 silver, and 24 bronze medals, to a total of 43 medals. Gold Medalists are: Fretz Donayre in 100 m. Dash and 200 m. Dash (EB); Leah Mae A. Gorme in Javelin Throws and High Jump; Bernard M. Babila Jr. in Junior Boys Pin Weight, Boxing; Junry J. Ursal in Featherweight Division, Taekwondo; Reinjel Vinas in Junior Bantam Weight, Boxing; Dominic A. Cordero Jr. in Javelin Throws (EB); Mary Gwyneth T. Ramirez in Bantamweight Division, Boxing; and Softball Sec. Girls in Softball
Silver Medalists from Southern Leyte are: Noeus Elna B. Beronio and Ruby Grace O. Mier in Tennis Sec. Girls Doubles; Shine P. Jaques in 800 Meters Run; Jorge Meco S. Rafols in Discuss Throw, Shot Put, and Javelin Throw; Alejandre Maurice J. Palima in Taekwondo; Fretz Donayre, Christian John Salinas, Ivan C. Orain, and Zander Dave Q. Alindao in 4×100 Meters Relay; Sherwin L. Miole in Billard 8 Balls; and Karen Joaquino in Billiard 9 Balls.
Bronze Medalists from Southern Leyte are: Crizele Mae D. Rosina in Single A, Badminton; Khia Alexa N. Rufin and Lhezy Jane C. Betarmos in Badminton Double; Lanze M. Chocaro in Youth Men Light Flyweight, Boxing; Renante T. Cazon Jr. in Youth Men Bantamweight, Boxing; Jeremy Gloria in Badminton; Izaiah Gabriel Albert in Badminton; Kent John Paul Evaldez in Badminton; Kyle Villaruel and Urcisino V. Villa in Tennis Sec. Boys Doubles; Mariel S. Manaug and Edel Quinn Naye Dycousing in Sec. Girls Double, Badminton; Ma. Bethzaida C. Dublado in Sec. Girls Singles,Tennis; Nina Pearl R. Dela Torre in Shot Put; Shane Patrice Dagohoy and Leona Fatima Felicilda in Tennis Doubles; Princess Mae B. Odarbe in Tennis Single B; Ailyn E. Escalera in Tennis Single A; Alyn Jezz S. Fortaliza in Chess (EG); Ejay A. Binas in Chess (SB); Ivan C. Orain in 100m Dash; Brill Jasis Mosot in Shot Put; Football Team in Football (EB); Christina M. Capungan in Leightweight Division, Taekwondo; Sherwin L. Miole in 9 balls,Billards; Leonardo M. Somugod Jr. in Boxing; Kyle M. Tolibas in Boxing and Karen Joaquino in 8 Balls, Billiard.
Meanwhile, Maasin City Division got 25 gold, 33 silver, and 29 bronze medals with a total of 87 medals from the Elementary to Secondary category.
Gold Medalists in Elementary Level are: Lebron James Cerro in Ind. Spada Y Daga (EB), Arnis; Fatima Cheska Tanque in Ind. Solo Baston (EG), Ind. Double Baston (EG), and Ind. Spada Y Daga (EG), Arnis; and Whency Crestelle P. Quiroben in Discuss Throw, Athletics.
Silver Medalists in Elementary Level are: Lebron James Cerro, in Ind. Solo Baston EB, Arnis. Nathan Imboc Ind Doble Baston EB, Arnis. Lebron James Cerro, Nathan Imboc, and Girlyn Tomada in Sync Solo Baston, Sync Doble Baston, and Sync Spada Y Daga, Arnis; Whency Crestelle P. Quiroben in Javelina Throw EG Athletics; Zhyisha Gertrude Gado and Melbeinne Paloma in Badminton Double EG, Badminton; Rheanna Calapre and Princess Wendy Perolino in Tennis Double EG, Tennis.
Bronze Medalists in Elementary Level are: Christina Louise Caverte in Ind. Category, Aero Gymnastics; Christina Louise Caverte, Mae Almario, Athenna Jiesryl Necosia in Trio Category, Aero Gymnastics; Althea Czarina Arnaiz in 100 Meters Hurdle (EG), Athletics; Leobert Gabriel Aroy in Badminton Single, Badminton; Stanley Renz Garces in Category 3, Taekwondo; and Ed Xiandrei Leonido in Tennis Single, Tennis.
Gold Medalists in Secondary Level are: Fritz Andreh Nohrel Gerasta in Ind. Solo Baston, Arnis; Sam Jordan Rodriguez in Ind. Doble Baston, Arnis; Mary Gabrielle Gerardo in Ind. Solo Baston (SG), and Ind. Spada Y Daga, Arnis; Fritz Andreh Nohrel Gerasta, Sam Jordan Rodriguez, and Lawrence Gemini in Sync Solo Baston, Arnis; Aprille Anne Lacerna in Triple Jump, Athletics, Jessel T. Bonador in 100 Meters Dash and 200 Meters Dash Athletics; Heart S. Duarte in Discuss Throw and Shotput, Athletics; Aprille Anne Lacerna, Jessel Bonador, Shaine Sacnahon, and Josyl Mulig in 4×100 Relay, Athletics; Marc Jun Mercedes in Discuss Throw and ShotPut, Athletics; and Patrick Cobina in Bantamweight (51.1-54), Boxing.
Silver Medalists in Secondary Level are: Fritz Andreh Nohrel Gerasta in Ind. Doble Baston SB, Arnis; Mary Gabrielle Gerardo in Ind. Doble Baston SG, Arnis; Fritz Andreh Nohrel Gerasta, Sam Jordan Rodriguez, Lawrence Gemini in Sync Doble Baston SB and Sync Y Daga SB, Arnis; Mary Gabrielle Gerardo, Stephanie Kate Gaviola and Shervyl Mae Gaviola in Sync Solo Baston SG, Sync Doble Baston SG and Sync Spada Y Daga SG, Arnis; Aprille Anne Lacerna in Long Jump SG, Athletics; Ace Niño Sacnahon in 110 Meters Hurdle SB and 200 Meters Dash SB, Athletics; Bea Pacaldo in Basketball Sec. Girls, Basketball; Mark Anthony Bolo in 46-48 Kg, Boxing; Siobhan Leonor in 50 Meter Breastroke SG, Swimming; Bert Russel Manlimos and Christian Angelo Estrada in Tennis Double SB, Tennis; and K-Jay Bandibas in 42Kg. Category, Wushu.
Bronze Medalists in Secondary Level are: Ashley Nicole Galleon in Individual, Aero Gymnastics; Philippe Joseph Paler in 50 Meters Distance (SB) and Fita Round, Archery; Philippe Joseph Paler, Serg Jayel Lozano, Juanick Cardoza Jr. in Team Event, Archery; Philippe Joseph Paler and Chairon Rose Arbiol in Mixed Event, Archery; Heart S. Duarte in Javelin Throw (SG), Athletics; Shaine Sacnahon in 100 Meters Hurdle, Athletics; Ace Nino Sacnahon in 100 Meter Dash (SB), Athletics; Yul Tristan Ag Tumamak in Discuss Throw, Athletics; Yvan Anthony Bacoto in Javelin Throw, Athletics; Almer Zach Entia in Flyweight 48-50 kg, Boxing; Jessie Neil Javier in Light Bantam 50, 1-50 kg, Boxing; Quindace Feline Poricallan, and Lourin Malbas in Blitz Team Category, Chess; Siobhan Leonor in 100 Meter Backstroke, 50 Meter Freestyle, 50 Meters Backstroke, Swimming; and Franz Jacob Acasio in Table Tennis Single, Table Tennis.

(Jonalyn Petere & Chreziel Petere)

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