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Gasoline prices in Maasin City higher?

People in Maasin City are asking why the prices of gasoline are higher in this place. Motorists who are using motorcycles and having difficulty managing their meager budget, complain why the gasoline prices in other cities or towns are much cheaper.
In Maasin City the price of premium gasoline per liter as of July 30, 2021 in the following stations are: Petron, P64.75; Shell, P65.; Emirates, P63.93. In comparison, the town of Sogod, Southern Leyte registers on the same date the premium gasoline prices per liter in the proceeding stations are: Petron, P58.25, Shell, P59.78; Emirates, 47.95; Sea-oil, P47.00; Superdrive, P47.00. For the same Petron brand, there is a difference of P6.50 per liter between Maasin City and Sogod. While for Emirates, there is a difference of P15.98 for every liter between Maasin City and Sogod.
If we look at the premium gasoline prices in Ormoc City, Shell station posts P61.55 per liter; and in Baybay City, Caltex station’s premium gasoline price is P60.45 per liter.
Sources say that the retail price of gasoline mainly depends on the cost of crude oil, refining costs and profits, distribution-marketing costs and taxes. Usually, of these four major components, the price of crude oil accounts for nearly 70% of the price you pay at the pump. Details come into play.
One retail manager also said that the prices offered by gas stations vary because each station has its own discretion in determining the price, like the price when they buy the product from the supplier, cost of transport, the trade area and market. Or, the gasoline station’s location or distance from the nearest depot.
The gasoline station’s prices are usually influenced by competition and determined by the presence, or absence, of competitors in the area.
When asked about this gasoline high price issue, the local government and the owners of gasoline stations did not make any comment.

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