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Getting “Vaxxed”

The number of Covid19 cases in Southern Leyte is reaching alarming levels, but I’m positive that we can beat this invisible enemy, if we all work together.
Aside from wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding mass gatherings, getting vaccinated is one of the best ways to battle this raging pandemic.
There are still those out there who are very cautious, and yes maybe scared, because of either personal reasons or because of the deluge of disinformation coming from social media.
Let me share my vaccination experience and highlight the procedures that is hoped to give those who have not been vaccinated a clearer picture and that there is really nothing to fear. It’s a piece of cake and all you have to do is “show up and blow the candles”.

Inform your local health worker
First and foremost, communicate directly with your barangay health workers or, if needed, directly with your LGU’s Health Unit to be scheduled for vaccination. You will later receive a text or call informing of your vaccination venue and date. Arriving early is the best option, as you will be avoiding the crowd that generally arrives in the afternoon.
Vaxx venue
Have a seat, give your ID and wait to be called. A health worker will then ask you a few questions, check your blood pressure and oxygen level. When cleared you will then be interviewed by a doctor who will ask how you generally feel and if ever you have been in contact with someone with Covid-19 symptoms.

Vaccination ID
You will then proceed to the processing area where your vaccination I.D. will be made by health workers and given to you. Do not lose your I.D., this is needed for your second dose, and may be used for business and travel requirements.
“Ant bite”
The big moment of the vaccination is next. A health worker will again check your blood pressure and oxygen level and then give the go signal for your vaccine. As they say, “the suspense is more compelling than the event”, and in my case I did not even notice the injection of the vaccine until after it was applied, it felt like a small ant or mosquito bite. Easy peasy.

Observation time
After the vaccine, you will have to wait for around 15 to 20 minutes, then your blood pressure and oxygen levels will be checked yet again and in the end be informed that you will either be called or texted on the date and details of your second dose.

After effects & recovery
Like any vaccine shot, the vaccine against Covid-19 does have some minor side effects that might include minor joint pain, lightheadedness, slight fever or short period of tiredness.
A good day’s rest and relaxation after getting vaxxed is highly recommended, because first, you deserve it, and second, you had the courage to do your part for your family and community in fighting Covid-19. You are definitely a hero in your own right.

By Wowie Reyes

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