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Illegitimate births surpass legitimate births

SOUTHERN LEYTE – The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) report on Vital Statistics of the province covering January to March 2022 shows that the percentage of illegitimate births is more than legitimate births. These children were conceived during the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The PSA data of Southern Leyte’s Civil Registration and Vital Statistics record showed that during the first quarter of 2022 registered live births totaled 1,566, with more males born (792 or 50.5%) than females born (774 or 49.4%). Most of these children (1,292) were delivered in the hospital.
Of the above total children born in Southern Leyte during the early part of 2022, there were 915 or 58.42% non-marital children, and 651 or 41.58% legitimate children.
Several personalities were interviewed about the reason why this is happening. A possible reason expressed by an overseas worker is that the previous birth control program of the government is no longer a priority program; unlike when Dr. Juan Flavier was the Secretary of Health wherein birth control measures were vigorously campaigned for, even in the grassroots, in order to lower population growth.
A high school teacher commented that morals have also deteriorated. There is easy access to information through the internet, technology and social media. She said that society has also become open and more lenient.
One single mother, who raises her child by herself and the support from her immediate family, said that the child’s father is very irresponsible, and does not even give financial assistance for the child. Getting married is expensive, and it is also scary to get married because when a couple wants to separate it is difficult to restore what has been broken, she further said.
A government employee observed that there are more illegitimate births because of early or teen pregnancies. Young people now are more aggressive in handling sexual relationships. She also said that the new generation is more inclined to do live-ins as they feel more free without the commitment of marriage.

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