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Lady attorney marries a gentle person Love Finds Harmony

In a world where opposites often attract each other, one couple defied all expectations as they embarked on a journey of love, resilience, and harmony.
Atty. Jana Felice Gonzalez, an advocate for justice known for her unwavering determination, and Gabriel Evanka Sas, a quiet and introspective man with a mysterious aura, celebrated their union in a church wedding on May 22, 2023 at Our Lady of Assumption Parish Cathedral, in the city of Maasin, province of Southern Leyte.
Jana was known and admired by her family and friends for her tenacity and her commitment to justice. She comes from a well-known family, as her mother is a judge and her father is a retired district engineer in the locality.
On the other hand, Gabriel, a finance clerk and part-time college instructor at St. Joseph College, is a man of few words. He is known for his simple lifestyle and being respectful to his family and friends. While he may be silent or expresses only in few words, his action speaks in volumes.
Despite their contrasting personalities, the world witnessed a testament to the power of embracing opposites, as love wove a beautiful melody through the symphony of their lives.
Their journey together reminds us that strength could be found not only in loud voices but also in the embrace of silence. (Dahlia Abiera Orit) (JLPhotography)

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