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Live Stem Cell Therapy

by Joe Mancera

For several years now, I have been hoping that the healing of so many diseases through the use of live stem cell therapy will be done in a not-so-costly manner, like the “entrapment” of live stem cell in a capsulized form; and with production costs far below the P1 million to P1.3 million injections in Switzerland, Germany and the United States. I don’t know the real cost in millions of such injectables, but they are so costly that only the rich and famous can afford.
And now here comes this live stem cell in capsulized form from one of the cleanest places in the world, New Zealand. It is reputed to be 100 per cent pollution-free. This country has been the source of deer placenta which is the major ingredient of the stem cell capsules currently manufactured in New Zealand. Thus it is guaranteed that deer from this country is free from any pollution, the country being isolated, unlike those in Europe and the United States.
New Zealand’s live stem cell is composed of twelve (12) active ingredients. These are the following: Deer Placenta, 100mg.; Apple Polyphenol, 20mg.; Dendrobium, 20 mg.; Marine Collagen Peptides, 100 mg.; Squalene, 100 mg.; Aloe Vera Extract, 10 mg.; Nuclieclavem, 100 mg.; Pocuidan Extract, 50 mg.; Evening Primrose Oil, 100 mg.; Avocado oil, 100 mg.; Borage Oil, 200 mg.; and Lycopene, 50mg.
Stem cell provides the human body with benefits, such as; regulates bodily functions; promotes metabolism; supports immune system; supports healthy blood lipid; relieves fatigue; promotes blood circulation; supports joint function and maintains cartilage conditions; promotes cardiovascular health; supports hormone balance; enhances heart function; improves sleeping quality; maintains vitality; helps the digestive system; and maintains healthy cholesterol level. As such, live stem cell therapy is the be-all and end-all of the body’s reaching out towards perfection or near perfection. Like people living again in the Garden of Eden when man and woman were clean, unpolluted by sin.
Stem cell helps the human body develop a strong immune system that plays a crucial role in promoting longevity and enable every cell, organ and body to remain in their optimal health condition. Stem Cell helps regenerate, rebuild, revitalize, boost, activate, strengthen, protect, defend and shield the human body from countless toxins and free radicals from people’s modern, but often destructive, lifestyle. In fact, those who have taken stem cell capsules during the Covid plandemic testify that their immunity from the virus had been bolstered by being found negative after their swab tests.
This “all in one capsule-formulated stem cell from New Zealand has anti-inflammatory and immunity booster ingredients” that defend and shield the human body from the bombardment of poisons in man’s modern, but often, unbalanced eating habits. Among the presently most common sources of free radicals that destroy the human body are softdrinks and processed foods whose first victims are the children who are pampered by their parents and grandparents, forgetting that these fragile bodies are supposed to be shielded with the strongest immune system as they grow up.
It is reported that the big pharmaceuticals have been on the downtrend because of the proliferation of modern herbal food supplements that can really heal, not maintain, the human body’s illnesses, at much lesser cost.
The biggest difference is: while common herbal food supplements can heal, stem cell theraphy regenerates the cell. There is actually a rebuilding of the human body. Of course, inseparable from this therapy is discipline in man’s food intake through a balanced diet. The testimonies of those being completely healed by stem cell therapy are countless and their narration are soothing to the ears. Their lives have completely changed, from hopelessness to new vigor in living and existing. (For more info, text or call my cell #09753992469)

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