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Maasin City welcomes Kho shipping trips

MV Masbate, of KHO Shipping Lines, made its maiden voyage 60 nautical miles from Cebu City to Maasin City in the morning of November 18, 2022 and left for Surigao City at 2pm.
Maasin City Mayor Nacional Mercado and city officials welcomed the boat’s officials and crew at the Port of Maasin.
According to Business Development and Central Booking Officer Leo J. Velasco, the ship can accommodate 650 passengers, 22 10-wheeler trucks and 4 sports utility vehicles.
“We have one boat reserved, in case of high demand,” Velasco added.
In a personal interview, Velasco said that the fare for single motorcycle is P2,000; P5,500 for SUVs; and P12,000 for 10-wheeler trucks.
From Maasin to Cebu, the ship’s schedule is on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; it will depart at 11:30 in the evening, and will arrive at Cebu port at 3:30am.
From Cebu to Maasin, it will depart at 6am of Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, and is expected to arrive at 10am. On the same day, the ship will depart from Maasin to Surigao, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon and will arrive at 5:30 in the afternoon on the same day.
For accommodations, from Cebu to Maasin vice-versa, in an economy class: P420 for regular; P370 for students; P336 for Senior Citizens and P210 for minors. For tourist class, P620 for regular; P546 students; P496 for Seniors and P310 for minors.
From Maasin to Surigao vice-versa, for Economy class: P464 for regular; P408 for students; P371 for seniors and P232 for minors. For Tourist class, P512 for regulars, P450 for students, P409 for seniors and P256 for minors.
The ship also has a dine-in restaurant with live band, prayer room, VIP and Super VIP rooms, view-deck and other amenities.
Passengers may buy tickets at the temporary ticketing booth in the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) building at the port area.
Mercado hopes it will boost economic and tourism activities in Maasin City and Southern Leyte province.

  (RCabodbod, JSM)

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