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Maasin Rebaybal reawakens Harana

In a bid to revive the cultural awareness of Maasinhons, notably on their love for traditional serenade or harana, the officers and members of Maasin Rebaybal recently gathered nine (9) singers and had them render classic Visayan love songs in a videoke singing contest at barangay Guadalupe (Can-iwan), Maasin City.
The contest was aimed at reviving Maasinhons’ love for harana, a traditional way of wooing the hearts of women admired, idolized by men through late-night rendition of popular love songs.
Maasin Rebaybal was surprised to hear that there are singers in Guadalupe who have good voices with near perfect rendition of classic, very popular Visayan selections.
Of the nine contestants vying for the top prizes, three were ultimately chosen as winners: Cesar Cabel for his Matud Nila at P200 3rd prize; Alfredo Piquero for his Matud Mo at P300, 2nd prize; and P500 1st price to Reynaldo Sibi for his soulful rendition of Ang Kalibutan Magdumili.
All the contestants received t-shirts with Maasin Rebaybal prints.
The singing contest, ultimately aimed to relive hope and joy, to lighten the burden of Maasinhons amid the series of challenges and crises they had just sadly experienced, will be replicated in other barangays clustered as Maasin Rebaybal has found appropriate.
Many Maasinhons can still recall that very impressive moonlit harana scene in an episode of the Cebuano original comedy love-drama entitled Mini where the heroine Mayang was serenaded by her lover.
With its rustic ambience, the harana was actually part of a clever, pre-conceived plan of Mayang’s elopement with her lover.
Mini was reproduced and directed by the late Governor Salvacion “Dinday” Oppus – Yñiguez and presented at Saint Joseph College for several nights; its actors and actresses were mostly working at the provincial capitol.
“Uso Pa Ba Ang Harana?” is a popular Tagalog song that recently captured the air lanes and reminded us of harana’s attraction to the soul and the spirit.
Here in Maasin, harana’s magic shall awaken in the days ahead spearheded by Maasin Rebaybal.

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