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More boys are born here

SOUTHERN LEYTE – In the year 2022, a total of 6,654 live births were registered in the province.
Of these were 3,369 male babies born, which is 3% more than the female babies born numbering 3,285. Or, a sex birth ratio of 103 males for every 100 females.
And of the total number of births in the province, 60 percent, or 3,977 were born to unmarried mothers; 40 percent or 2,677 were of legitimate births.
On average, 18 babies were born daily in the province, 132 babies weekly, and 554 babies monthly, according to a recently released Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Southern Leyte registered live births in Southern Leyte 2022 report.
Maasin City has the most registered live births of 2,477 babies, second is Sogod with 1,818 babies, next is Hinunangan with 513 babies, then Anahawan with 437 babies. Of the four places with high incidence of births in the province, only Maasin City has a remarkable sex ratio record of 112 males to 100 females.
However, in the entire province, San Ricardo recorded the highest sex ratio at birth of 233 males per 100 females, interpreted as 23 males for every 10 females born, or more than 100% more males than females. Tomas Oppus has 44 male births to only 33 female births.
In contrast, Malitbog has more female births of 79 females to 47 males; or a sex ratio of 100 females to only 59 males. Likewise, Macrohon has more female births of 60, compared to only 47 male births.
The PSA data stated that eighty-one percent of the total births in the province were delivered in a health facility, either in a hospital or birthing clinic and were attended by health professionals. Only 19 percent of total registered live births were delivered at home and other locations attended by hilot or traditional birth attendants.
Seventy-three percent of births were delivered by physicians, seven percent by midwives, and .42 percent by nurses.
There were more live births in 2015 with 9,846 babies born than in the year 2022.

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