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Nursing advisory council

The creation by the Department of Health (DOH) of a national nursing advisory council is long in coming, but it’s not yet too late. It’s so fortunate that we have a health secretary who has the foresight to see the sad plight of Filipino nurses, both in public and private health care facilities.
The council will address issues faced by Filipino nurses who are often overworked but underpaid. A de facto chief nursing officer will lead the council and function as an undersecretary.
According to DOH Secretary Ted Herbosa, all issues will be addressed about the exam and work-life balance and other reasons to motivate them to stay and fight the brain drain of Filipino nurses to other countries.
Filipino Nurses United revealed that about P100,000 nurses in the private sector earn P537 a day in Metro Manila but much lower in areas outside the capital region. Also nurses in government service suffer from work and patient overload.
In Southern Leyte health care facilities, nurses had been hired mainly as job orders, so degrading of their profession which involves life-and-death situations.
The heavy workload and meager pay force nurses to seek employment abroad.
It’s also fortunate that a generous nurse and educator, Carl Balita, will offer a free review program for all nurses in his 180 review centers.
I think it’s now time to seriously consider increasing the salaries of our nurses who suffer work and patient overload.
Filipino nurses have proven their worth in other countries like the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. We are proud to know that a Filipina nurse received an award for outstanding service during the crowning of King Charles in London.

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