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Pensioners residing in PH are exempted from ACOP

Newly-appointed Social Security System (SSS) President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Regino said that retirement pensioners residing in the Philippines are still exempted from complying with the Annual Confirmation of Pensioners’ Program (ACOP) to continue receiving their monthly pensions.
“We recognize the challenges brought about by the pandemic and we have suspended ACOP compliance starting February 2020 until September 30, 2021 to protect the safety and health of our pensioners,” Regino said.
“We implemented various verification procedures to confirm if a retirement pensioner is still alive and entitled to receive his/her monthly pension,” he added.
Regino said the SSS required pensioners to annually report to SSS to ensure the rightful recipients would continue to receive their benefits.
“ACOP protects the SSS fund from various kinds of fraudulent claims wherein some beneficiaries still receive SSS pensions while the member is already deceased, especially for surviving spouses,” Regino explained.
Regino clarified that there are only four types of pensioners which include survivor (death), total disability, dependent’s pensioners and retirement pensioners residing abroad who should comply with ACOP. They have until March 31, 2022, to conduct their yearly reporting online and other non-face-to-face methods.
Regino said that it was important for concerned pensioners to comply with this program so they could enjoy receiving their monthly pensions. “Non-compliance with the yearly reporting will lead to temporary suspension of their monthly pensions starting May 2022,” he added. He explained that pensioners could send their ACOP compliance through the SSS corporate e-mail address or courier service of the nearest SSS branch or service office if they reside in the Philippines.
“If residing overseas, they can send it to the SSS OFW-Contact Services Section located in the SSS Main Office in Quezon City, or the nearest foreign representative office,” Regino said.
ACOP compliance can also be through video conferencing via Microsoft Teams for pensioners residing abroad. They can request an appointment at [email protected]. “On the other hand, total disability pensioners residing in the Philippines can comply with ACOP through a home visit by sending a written request via e-mail or mail addressed to the Medical Services Section of the nearest SSS branch,” he concluded.

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