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Pilgrimage in climbing Hanginan

“As the early dawn breaks and the morning sun kisses the sky, the view of majestic mountains, rolling hills and the deep blue sea is breathtaking.”

Estimated at 1,483 feet above sea level, Hanginan is one of the highest and coolest places in Maasin City. On a clear day you can see the scenic, green, panoramic views of downtown Maasin City and the horizon extends as far away as the islands of Bohol, Camiguin and Limasawa.

Each year thousands of Christian pilgrims and tourists flock to the small and peaceful village to visit its chapel to say their individual prayers, penitence, and to view the majesty of God’s creation

The mountain, people say, is miraculous. There are stories and claims that those who trek up Hanginan, climb its 300 steps and visit its chapel, with good intentions in their hearts, have their personal prayer answered.

Best Tuba and Ube Bibingka in town

From the spiritual to the gastronomical, the residents of Hanginan also take pride in their freshest and best tasting coconut wine flavored “binka” in Maasin City. As a tip to travelers, it is best to enjoy the scrumptious and moist delicacy with a hot drink while savoring the mountain-view at one of their scenic cafeterias.

God’s creation and its beauty

Climbing Hanginan somehow brings every traveller closer to God and his creation. Each person is touched by the beauty of nature and humbled by the grandness of his design, and realize that we are all merely travelling through.  (Ruevivar Markines Reyes)

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