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Police in controversial cigarette “planting”

SLT 1233

October 7-13, 2023

One police officer went viral after he was seen on video allegedly planting cigarette in a sari-sari store in Barangay Magallanes, Limasawa island in the afternoon of September 30, 2023.
The video hit more than 300k views, almost 4,000 comments and more than 3,800 shares in one Facebook account owner, who was said to have filmed the police officer, with his co-officers, who went to his sari-sari store. They went into heated argument after the police officer reportedly issued a citation ticket for an allegedly illegal selling of cigarette. The police was said to have gotten one pack of cigarette from his bag.
In a press release authorized by Southern Leyte Provincial Police- Chief of Police Community Affairs and Development Unit, Police Lieutenant Colonel Mark Nalda, answered the allegation pertaining to the viral video of the police. Lt. Colonel Nalda said that the police was relieved from his post and is now under police custody.
The controversial police corporal was previously assigned in Limasawa municipal police station.
In defense, the police officer answered back on social media hours after the video went viral. He explained that there was a conversation 30 minutes before the said video was taken. He further clarified that the sari-sari store owner has been warned before about his alleged selling of cigarettes. And that the pack of cigarettes from his bag was bought by his informant and handed to him.
“Part of the investigation is the determination of administrative liability, now hindi ko pa masasagot kasu wala pang result, kung ano ang rules na na violate by then malalaman natin ang penalty, if ever,” said Police Officer Mark Nalda when asked.
Provincial Director of SLPPO ensures the public that the involved PNP member will be assigned at Provincial Holding and Accounting Unit (PHAU) and administrative or criminal case will be filed against him if he was found guilty.
The investigators composed of a special team from the Provincial Investigation and Detective Management Unit (PIDMU) headed by Police Lieutenant Colonel Ariel P. Nunez conducted the investigation.

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