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Sinulog song composed by Southern Leyteño Hanopol

The Philippines celebrates festivals with renewed vigor after two years on-hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most popular is the Sinulog festival in Cebu City, which is attended by thousands of people, both local and foreign nationals who would gracefully join in the festivities.
The Sinulog theme song “Sugod na sa Sinulog, Kitang tanan mag Pit Senyor,” was originally sang and composed by Michel Abarico Hanopol. He is also known as Mr. Jeprox.
Hanopol is a Filipino rock singer, guitarist, recording artist, and Messianic Rabbi; he was a pioneer of rock music which turned hit in the 1970’s along with Pepe Smith and Wally Gonzales. He was a former bass guitarist of Juan De La Cruz’s band.
He is popular with his signature songs “Laki sa Layaw”, “Balong Malalim” and “Lagablab” the lyrics were composed based on the Bible passages that convey life lessons for younger generations, arrogance, and biblical principles.
Hanopol grew up in Ichon, Macrohon, Southern Leyte, as confirmed by Macrohon Mayor Alan Jose Kuizon Aroy. Hanopol’s father is a former DILG regional director and his mother was originally from Ichon, Macrohon.
In his “Ichon” song composition released in 2010, Hanopol dedicated the lyrics to his hometown, “Hangtod karon dia pa gihapon Sa akong dughan ang Ichon Hangtod karon dia pa gihapon Sa akong dughan ang Ichon”.
Hanopol was given an outstanding award by the provincial government of Southern Leyte.
In Southern Leyte, two places also have the Sakay-Sakay in Maasin City and Sinumalig in Malitbog.
(Dahlia Orit/Rhonechelle Cabodbod) (Photo source: ronniewriteup.blogspot.com)

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