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Southern Leyte aware of climate change dangers

Leaders and citizens of almost 200 countries are set to gather to discuss about climate change that is predicted to cause temperature rise on dangerous levels, causing “irreversible consequences that compromise the lives and properties of the poorest and most vulnerable people.”
Worsening incidents resulting from climate change are typhoons, floods, forest fires and heatwaves. And the Philippines is one of the developing countries that has experienced the worst effects of climate change.
The provincial government is hosting a workshop for the formulation of a climate disaster risk assessment and local climate change adaptation plan. This activity is a requirement in passing the Seal of Good Local Governance of the Department of Interior and Local Government. Identified members of the technical working group composed of government and private institutions are expected to participate in the face-to-face workshop.
Climate change resiliency is the goal of the National Climate Change Action Plan roadmap for adaptation and mitigation from 2011 to 2028, which focuses on seven strategic priorities: food security, water sufficiency, ecological and environmental stability, human security, climate-friendly industries and services, sustainable energy and knowledge and capacity development.

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