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Southern Leyte upgrades ranking in poverty profile

The Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) Eastern Visayas recently released a 2021 Poverty Situation in Eastern Visayas in Poverty Incidence, Subsistence Incidence, Food Threshold, and Poverty Threshold amongst families and population and individuals based on the preliminary results of 2021 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES).
Twenty-two out of 100 families in Eastern Visayas, with an estimated 22.2 percent, Southern Leyte was registered with one of the lowest poverty incidences among families from 17.3 % in 2018. The rate decreased at 16% in year 2021 in the region. The highest poverty incidence among the provinces with 29.4 percent, Eastern Samar.
While in around 29 every 100 individuals are tagged as poor in individual category. Southern Leyte is also recorded as one with the lowest poverty incidence among population at 21.5 percent in year 2021 from 23.7 last year 2018.
In Subsistence Incidence or a proportion of families/individuals with per capita income/expenditure less than the per capita food threshold to the total number of families/individuals, 7 out of 100 families were poor. Southern Leyte was third among the lowest subsistence incidence in families in Eastern Visayas in 2021 which was estimated by 7.2 percent.
While in population/individual’s category, in about 10 in every 100 individuals were poor, Southern Leyte also recorded as lowest with 6.0 in 2021, from 5.9 last year 2018, Eastern Samar has highest with 17.1 percent.
In a Food Threshold category, Food Threshold – the minimum income/expenditure required for a family/individual to meet the basic food needs, which satisfies the nutritional requirements for economically necessary and socially desirable physical activities.
In 2021, a family of five (5) in Eastern Visayas needed at least PhP 7,819 per month, to meet the family’s basic food needs. This amount represents the average monthly food threshold for a family of five (5). This figure is 6.5 percent higher compared with the 2018 level of PhP 7,345.
Southern Leyte posted high food threshold among the provinces with P8,381 average monthly for a family of five (5) in 2021, increased from the last year 2018 with P7,493.
Biliran posted the highest food threshold among the provinces in Eastern Visayas with PhP 8,471 average.
Meanwhile in Poverty Threshold or the minimum income/expenditure required for a family/individual to meet the basic food and non-food requirements.
Among the provinces, Southern Leyte was included in the highest poverty threshold from P10,732 last year 2018 it increased to P12,000 in year 2021, Eastern Samar has the highest average monthly poverty threshold with P12,052 in 2021.
Basic food requirements are currently based on 100% adequacy for the Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake (RENI) for protein and energy equivalent to an average of 2000 kilocalories per capita, and 80% adequacy for other nutrients. On the other hand, basic non-food requirements, indirectly estimated by obtaining the ratio of food to total basic expenditures from a reference group of families, cover expenditure on: 1) clothing and footwear; 2) housing; 3) fuel, light, water; 4) maintenance and minor repairs; 5) rental of occupied dwelling units; 6) medical care; 7) education; 8) transportation and communication; 9) non-durable furnishings; 10) household operations; and 11) personal care and effects.
The average monthly poverty threshold for a family of five (5) in Eastern Visayas in 2021 was estimated at PhP 11,187, an increase of 7.4 percent from its 2018 level of PhP 10,411. This represents the amount needed every month to meet the family’s basic food and non-food needs.

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