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Tulfo airs complaint on electrocuted man

MAASIN CITY – Angelique Descanzo, sister of the dead electrocuted city hall employee, complained to media celebrity Rafael “Raffy” Teshiba Tulfo about what she said as an unjustifiable death of his brother, Alexander Fernandez. Descanzo appeared in the “Wanted sa Radyo” program of Raffy Tulfo in Action, last August 16, 2021 on national television.
Fernandez, a 49-year-old city public market employee participated in the clean-up drive at barangay Combado, Maasin City, as part of the 21st Charter Day anniversary and fiesta celebration. He was hit by a live wire and instantly died, according to the report.
Descanzo, in tears, bawled during the phone interview which was aired live on the said TV station, seeking justice and financial assistance on his brother’s death.
TV host Tulfo also interviewed the officers of those institutions involved who, the complainant alleged, failed to provide proper assistance: Southern Leyte Electric Cooperative General Manager Jonathan Empeño, Market Operations Supervisor Angel Geraldo, and City Human Resource Officer Raul Inocando for the local government of Maasin.
Inocando clarified that the clean-up drive was an activity for the Maasin City Charter Day anniversary and not for the yearly fiesta celebration.
“The local government of Maasin already gave wake and burial assistance, and more financial assistance from employee’s benefits, which is still in process. Maasin City Mayor Nacional Mercado also personally gave financial assistance to the family,” Inocando claimed.
Market Operations Supervisor Angel Geraldo also answers alleged accusations of “nang-hinambog issue as Geraldo tries to make ‘pasikat’ on his boss, that’s why it started early,” says Descanzo. “The activity started early, not on the market site but also in different areas in Maasin City, the incident happened outside the public market… the incident happened so fast, we didn’t expect that the wire is live, Kay permi man labyan ug tawo didto, kadto lang nga adlaw na uwan-uwan to nahitabo,” Geraldo explained.
On the other hand, Raffy Tulfo pounded on Southern Leyte Electric Cooperative General Manager Empeño’s statement regarding the P10,000 cash assistance and said, “alam niyo kulang ang 10k na assistance na binigay niyo sa pamilya, 10k kapalit sa buhay?”.
Empeño defended the accusations and explained that the P10,000 cash is an initial assistance and promised to the family that proper assistance will be given once agreed upon by the Soleco board.
The live broadcast was seen with thousands of views on Wanted sa Radyo, Raffy Tulfo in Action online Youtube and Facebook accounts, on Radyo5 92.3 News FM with simulcast on television via One PH.
(Rhonechelle Cabodbod)

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