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By Art Siga

When, according to many scientists and international experts, there are early home treatments that can truly end the pandemic?
Now news have it that CoViD-19 isn’t going away, especially in populated cities worldwide. With the variants known to be more transmissible than the original it’s almost impossible that it can ever be eradicated. Worse, people are still worried of getting reinfected after having administered the first dose given the news coming from different sources.
Therefore, which way are we heading? How can we ever get rid of it? News of adverse events like blood clotting, heart inflammation, shortness of breath, death, etcetera, shortly after getting the Covid injections are spreading. According to the Washington Post, death of vaccinated individuals are predicted to rise sharply, adding that more than 40,000 have already died in the U.S. alone because of it, not to mention in other countries. Back home, have we read or heard of any report related to it? We don’t want deaths and injuries from these shots swept under the rug, do we?
It’s just so unfortunate that we Filipinos seem to treat the vaccines like sugar pills because of popular belief, that they can be protected from the virus forever. If we follow the Helsinki protocol, #37 we might be surprised that it’s not only the experimental vaccine that the controlled media and some medical sectors in this country can advertise after all. Citing such protocol involving human subjects is of prime importance.
The World Health Association protocol declares that, “In the treatment of an individual patient, where proven interventions do not exist or other known interventions have been ineffective, the physician, after seeking expert advice, with informed consent from the patient or a legally authorized representative, may use an unproven intervention if in the physician’s judgment it offers hope of saving life, reestablishing health or alleviating suffering. This intervention should subsequently be made the object of research, designed to evaluate its safety and efficacy in all cases, new information must be recorded and, where appropriate, made publicly available.”
According to Prof. Eli Schwartz, founder of the Center for Travel Medicine and Tropical Disease at Sheba, Israel, Ivermectin is one of the few drugs approved by the FDA for a novel coronavirus that can be made publicly available. He added that there’s almost 100% chance that a person will be non-infectious in four to six days. Besides being cheaper, painless, and cost-effective, he said, it has also been known to reduce the duration and infectiousness of the disease. And the Jerusalem Post also reported that “nearly 72% of volunteers treated with ivermectin tested negative for the virus by Day 6.”
Leaked internal CDC Memorandum shows they knew Covid-vaccinated can still spread the virus. If so, what’s the use of these vaccines? And why a prominent toxicologist and molecular biologist from Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas named Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay calls for an end to vaccination program. She told the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) that Pfizer’s and Moderna therapy injections have multiple safety concerns and should not be given especially to children or women of childbearing age, not to mention Sinovac, AstraZeneca and Sputnik V. That being said, generally, Covid vaccines are therefore not a guarantee to eradicate Covid-19. How about hydroxychloroquine which Dr. Anthony Fauci, USA’s Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), had trashed not long ago? But heeding the honest doctors advise worldwide there’s more from which to choose in order to end the pandemic like zinc, arithromycin, budesonide, etc. other than the vaccines. You know the rest. If anyone of them is much better than the other, why not take all the chances instead of pushing a gene therapy that can’t provide immunity?
How about putting them all back on the market and let the doctors choose their own prescriptions? They were there before. CoViD shots are clearly far riskier than advertised.
Finally, if we don’t change directions accepting, using the same experimental therapy, that day will come, when we succumb ourselves to the will and wishes of the tiny billionaire minority who want to control the world by all means. The lack of clear benefit should cause our government to rethink its vaccination policy.

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