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Youth involvement on science-based climate solutions pushed

Deputy Speaker and Antique Representative Loren Legarda and Climate Change Commission chief Rachel Anne S. Herrera recently spearheaded an online episode of “Stories for a Better Normal: Pandemic and Climate Change Pathways,” featuring young inventors and climate advocates.
Guest speakers shared their outstanding innovations, such as the Sustainable Alternative Lighting (SALt), a sustainable lamp powered by salt water; Eco-concrete made from recycled materials such as fly ash and waste glass combined with pozzolanic tuff; and Takip, a reusable face mask that uses Taro Leaf Wax as a hydrophobic coating for its fabric.
“Moving and taking part in the solution should be our commitment, not just as a citizen of this country but also as an inhabitant of this world,” said Engr. Aisa Mijeno, inventor of SALt.
“What we can do as a youth is to be responsible for sharing climate information and awareness. Yung mga small actions po, like supporting local businesses that advocate for sustainability, that’s what the youth can also do in addressing the climate problem,” said Kiara Cartojano, inventor of Takip
“Being eco-friendly does not only talking about shifting material decisions, it is also important to think about your choices as a whole,” said Engr. Angelica Anne Munar, an International Eco-Concrete Competition Awardee.
Engr. Danielle Madriaga, meanwhile, shared her journey as a Climate Reality Leader, the importance of green buildings, and the role of youth in the ongoing climate negotiations in Glasgow.
“To my fellow youth – Take inspiration from the amazing youth innovators and leaders who were able to find a way to contribute in their own fields, and join us in manifesting a better reality, a better normal for all of us,” said Engr. Madriaga.
As a way of supporting young innovators, Deputy Speaker Legarda suggested for all their inventions to be transmitted and proposed to the Department of Science and Technology for patenting.

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