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Support for BBM

About six months yet before the May, 2022 elections Pinoys unveiled their strong support for BBM, short for Bongbong Marcos or Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. It was last November 7 when BBM’s very strong support was shown by the thousands from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Pinoys from all walks of life were there to tell the world that they were there to shout their unbending Yes! to the most qualified candidate for president of the Philippines.
All of them were happy, revealing their sentiments for the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, the most maligned president in the history of the world, yet the most loved by the Filipino people, if not for the propaganda machine of the notorious Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. The CIA really had this agenda not to let the Philippines prosper economically and industrially, especially with President Marcos at the helm of governance. With the Philippines as Asia’s tiger economy in the 1960’s, the United States wouldn’t have been able to bully us Pinoys with President Marcos in power. In fact, in 1969 the Philippines was equal to Japan in terms of corporate management.
When the fuel for the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant arrived in Manila, the CIA had it returned to Australia, just so our nuclear plant could not start operation. Our nuclear plant had the best features and the thickest silo to contain and secure nuclear activity, as revealed to me personally by my late high school classmate Engr. Cesar Abiera who worked there for some time. He said it was a real waste being left non-operational and ultimately burglarized. It would have turned the Philippines into a booming agro-industrial economy in Asia with its supply of very cheap nuclear energy.
What blatant lies did the CIA peddle then? They said it was located in an earthquake fault; no tremors ever came to damage it. They said its construction was faulty; faulty with Westinghouse as its builder? A very prestigious American company? The CIA was really out to discredit Marcos who had the best plans to steer the Philippines towards economic progress and had already made facilities for ship building in Bataan dubbed as the BASECO; with support from the Integrated Steel Mill in Iligan City. We already had the largest paper mill in Asia, the Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines or PICOP in Mangagoy, Bislig, Surigao del Sur. Marcos had already established the geothermal plants in Albay and Ormoc City as well as the hydro power plants. All these to bolster our nuclear plant’s cheap energy. We would have made our own graders, bulldozers, payloaders, and all kinds of heavy equipment and precision instruments.
Most outrageous was the one alleged by the Guinness Book of Records which named President Marcos as the greatest theft in the world, a charge based solely on Cory Aquino’s Executive Order No. 01 when she assumed office after a power struggle with treacherous machinations by the CIA. That executive order was issued by Cory Aquino even without the proper trial in courts of law. Then after more than 30 years Marcos’ enemies still could not prove his guilt with their much-vaunted thousands of evidences. The last I know about the Marcos ill-gotten wealth case was at the Sandiganbayan which emphasized that it is not the burden of the accused to prove their innocence, but of the prosecution to prove the guilt of the defendants.
When truth shall be known about President Marcos, it would be most shameful for his accusers. He was already rich before he entered politics. He was among the founders of the Philippines’ largest corporations; he already owned gold he had been charged of stealing; he was economic adviser to Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yu; he won a case for an American woman who gave him $1 million for legal fees in the 60’s yet.
When Bongbong Marcos wins in the coming elections, there would be a full revelation of the truth about President Marcos, and the fact that the Philippines is the richest country in the world. Many nations are indebted to the Pearl of the Orient; hold your breath. The first Mandaue–Mactan bridge and the San Juanico bridge are two of the outstanding legacies of President Marcos, majestic and proud structures to shame greedy, power-hungry liars.

by Joe Mancera

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