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That Invisible Thread

by Raul A Inocando, Jr.

The world has a total population of almost seven billion, and counting, each of those people has a different life story. They share stories of their lives in different settings and memories. There are stories of losing a connection and reconnecting to someone, reuniting and leaving. The most tragic of it is losing someone forever.
In Greek mythology, we heard of the goddesses of fates commonly called “The Fates”. They were initially called “Moirai” in ancient Greece, which comes from the word “Moira”, meaning share or portion of something. The fates in Greek mythology spin the web of human destiny. In magic, the invisible thread is a fragile monofilament thread used by magicians to make small, lightweight objects seem to levitate and animate. The lines connect and animate to look as if it is floating in the air.
Somehow, in everything we do, fate, time, and circumstance play a role in our lives; others may not believe it. Still, it has a connection; these three words play a role in those different stories that we hear on social media, television, and those that are not yet told or had been kept at their disposal in their world.
Fate is the development of events beyond a person’s control. Which can always be regarded as supernatural or uncalled for events that were not predicted but are destined to happen. These are the forces outside our control. For example, missing your ride and eventually meeting the person who would turn out to be your forever, or it could be that by a fated event that your long-lost friend would reconcile with you beyond your expectations.
We should never forget that the future is not the continuation of the past. We have to carve and take that step to meet with destiny; fate can be put in front of us but remains a fate until we choose with the future.
In those events that happened, there is always those conditions or details that play respect to time in the existing conditions. There are facts that are the influencing factor, a secondary accompaniment of events: it is a set of facts from which one could suppose the fact in question, that there are prevailing truths behind. There is a different kind of circumstances, and it is up to one how to take that event.
Time in this pandemic is what we have plenty of; the lockdowns had put us into limitations that we had all the time in the world. We may stand still, but time moves. The passage of time can be used well in the healing process. Still, only in the process, time is not a healer, it’s our body that heals the wound; the feeling of sadness, disappointments gradually go away as time passes; time on its own is not a healer. However, it can take away some of the pain, sorrow, or other negative emotions; the person still is the healer. To be somewhere in time may be the right time, we hold unto resentment, grievance, shame or guilt, or any pain from the past which our entire body suffers. But with the right time, everything can be healed through forgiveness and patching up.
Fate, time, and circumstances are welds by this so-called invisible thread; these are what connect us. This thread binds the events that happened in our lives. We may lose every hope we have. Don’t just let go of that invisible thread which, in some ways, with the leap of fate, will play a role and reconnect to the holder of the other end of the line.
That by a specific circumstance, the invisible thread will guide you to where you should be in your life, and the occurrence will change; we have to see the connection to where we are going that it is by choice.
The invisible thread connects each one of us as at the right time, with all that we had been through. Time heals wounds, time gives space to think, time will share its experiences that will be memories to make us look back, learn and move from it.
In everything that happens, remember that we all have that thread that is looking for the favorable connection, and that thread is cut by fate, circumstance, and time. That invisible thread will play with chance, circumstance and, in a given time, will connect with the future.

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