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Enough pork supply despite ASF

Photo credits to Maasin City Vet Facebook page

MAASIN CITY – The African Swine Flu has hit certain places in the province but the government and private sectors have joined hands in ensuring that pork supply is sufficient in the market.
In an interview with Hog Raisers Association President, Pinili “Yeye” Lao, expressed that “Matumal ang halin because consumers are afraid to buy pork, pork meats due to the ASF virus scare. Nag us-us ang ubang mga meat shops tungod kay walay demand; gamay ra ang namalit though naa tay supply from other areas na wala pay ASF”.
As many as 173 hogs were being culled after the African Swine Fever hit some barangays in Maasin City. City Veterinarian Dr. Rey Alinsub confirmed that the barangays of Ibarra, Nasaug and Soro-Soro were tagged as new ASF hit areas.
Last March 16, a total of 39 pigs were culled within the 500-meter radius from the infected area after the lab test results confirmed positive for ASF by the regional office. That day, a total of 116 pigs were subjected to depopulation or culled; 77 have reportedly died before the results came.
Latest recorded data in barangay Ibarra showed that authorities culled 57 pigs within the 500-meter radius from the affected area.
Dr. Alinsub said that present sources of hogs/pork supplies are from barangays without ASF infection and all of them complied with the documents needed.
“Return to normal will take time, Culling or Depopulation helped stop the spread of the ASF virus. Hopefully, with faster disinfection in three months we will be back to normal,” Pinili Lao said.
Presently, barangay Maria Clara is under observation for possible ASF infection. (RCabodbod)

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