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Farmer’s son pursues passion for farming

As a little boy, Glindo Pilo Mira helped his father in their family farm in Guin-angkan, Hinapo in the municipality of Tomas Oppus, Southern Leyte. The farm has been the source of income for his father and grandfather. Planting and caring for rice, corn, banana, abaca and coconut were part of his life in growing up.
Mira finished accountancy in college, after which he worked in a bank and onwards as a government employee at the Department of Trade and Industry. He later became a finance manager in a pharmaceutical and agricultural company. But he felt that something was missing, and realized that his passion was in farming.
He said, “Farming appeals to me because of its connection to food and eating. I know sharing meals has the power to build relationships and communities, and I believe that strong communities are a foundation that allows the individuals within them to flourish.”
He began farming in 2017 in an area of 2.4 hectares, which was later named Mira Integrated Farm. Aside from sweet pepper, corn and sweet potatoes, Glindo also occasionally grows eggplant, okra, cucumber, some other vegetables, and fruit trees like mango, santol, caimito, lanzones and mangosteen.
He adapted natural farming practices. “We use a mixture of chicken dung, goat manure, rice hull and rice stalks as our base organic matter together with the soil. And during the growing stage of the plants, we use commercial organic fertilizers and pesticides,” Mira said.
He emphasized that natural farming fosters sustainability in the long run and establishes an ecological balance to promote soil fertility that also combats pest problems.
Mira wants to show and encourage the young people to farm; that “agriculture can be a fascinating, responsible, and highly diversified profession.”
It is his vision to produce food while preserving the environment, and to provide high-quality and nutritious food to his community.

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