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P227 Million forCan-iwan seaport

SLT 1258

March 30 – April 5, 2024

The ongoing construction of the Port of Guadalupe “Can-iwan” located in Maasin City, Southern Leyte renews the aspiration of the city’s constituents to have an operational all-weather seaport with daily boat schedule and services.
This second wind of construction started in December 2022 after the port was temporarily closed earlier in 2022, according to Guadalupe barangay captain, Ruben Aguilar Rollon. He said that the closure was due to the complaint from the barge dock operator that the port is too shallow on each side; that it will cost so much money for repairs if the barge is damaged.
“The construction of the extension is ongoing, and dredging on each side of the port is being done. The port has a “Y” form for two areas to accommodate barge or ship,” Rollon further stated.
At present, two construction companies are tasked to undergo the construction of the Can-iwan Seaport by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). The MAC Builders got the contract for P127.09 million from the PPA which started in December 12, 2022, and completion is expected in 2024.
Meanwhile, CEAN Construction was awarded about P100 Million by the DPWH for a portion of the port project, according to District Engineer Manolo Rojas.
Brady A. Delos Santos, an Assistant Project Engineer of Cepada Construction, said that they are in charge of filling the left side of the port. The area will be used for parking and for cargo. The completion date was supposed to be on December 6, 2023, but due to bad weather and sea conditions, the projects got delayed, so they asked for time extension, Delos Santos said.
The CEAN-RLS Shipping Lines so far confirmed to utilize the Can-iwan port services. There are plans for routes plying Maasin Can-Iwan to Limasawa, Cebu, and also for Bohol.
In selling foods, snacks, or other necessities for traveling, there is no area for that, so the barangay plans to make an area for business if the port is finished and will operate. Also, terminal fee will be imposed, especially for trucks like the wing van.
Rollon further said that there will be road widening from Guadalupe to Tawid, as well as in Manhilo, Bilibol, and Panan-awan. Each side of the road will have a 7.5-meter extension, with a total of 15 meters, a national road requirement. The province is already putting up sign boards to inform residents of the road widening. (MCadano, KOrit)

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