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Pintuyan celebrates 117th Founding Anniversary

SLT 1257

March 23 – 29, 2024

Pintuyan recently marked its 117th Founding Anniversary with a week-long celebration that brought together residents and guests in a spirit of joy and camaraderie. Led by Mayor Ricarte Amper Estrella and Vice Mayor Anna Liza Valmores Salinas, the anniversary celebration unfolded from March 13 to March 19, 2024. 
    The commemoration began with a bloodletting drive, demonstrating the Rural Health Unit’s dedication and the volunteers’ generosity who donated blood.

    The community also rendered tree planting activities showing its care for the environment.    Sports enthusiasts and spectators alike gathered at the municipal gymnasium for an exciting inter-barangay basketball tournament. Teams showcased their skills and sportsmanship, sparking cheers and applause that echoed throughout the town.
    The coastal area came alive with the “Bancarera,” where skilled paddlers navigated their boats through the clear waters of Pintuyan. The competitors showcased their prowess to win the race.
    The search for Miss Pintuyan 2024 brought elegance and poise to the stage, as contestants showcased their beauty, grace, and intellect. The highlight of the celebration was the launching of the first-ever Tiki-tiki Festival in Pintuyan. Tiki-tiki is a vernacular word for whale shark. From a vibrant street dance competition to cultural presentations at Pintuyan National High School, the festival showcased the town’s rich culture and tradition. It was a wonderful opportunity for locals and visitors to experience the unique heritage and hospitality of Southern Leyte.
    The celebration closed with dances and music, where everyone reveled in the magic of the moment.  


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