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Wanted but Never Expected

Expect the unexpected. One of the most common sayings we all know. Unexpected success can be achieved if we fearlessly pursue our goals and strive to attain the success we envision. Aprille Anne C. Lacerna, a senior high school student at Ibarra Elementary School, is a prime example of this saying. This charming young lady has been actively participating in various sports competitions since the age of nine, inspired by the influence of sports from her mother. Her family and friends often refer to her as the “sporty soul” because she engages in a variety of sports such as volleyball, running, and jumping. She started out as a runner and took part in district meets during her elementary school years because she had a passion for sports. When she entered high school, she joined the school’s volleyball team and, in 2017, discovered her talent for jumps, which led to unexpected victories. Reflecting on the day of her win, Lacerna says, “I never expected to receive an award. Representing my school and our city is already a great honor for me.” She never puts pressure on herself and simply enjoys every moment of the competition. She is not afraid to take risks and see what the outcome will be. “But I still give my best,” Lacerna adds. Her unexpected moment then became her most memorable moment when she became the first athlete from her city delegation to be awarded a gold medal in triple jump during the EVRAA 2023. While things often come as a surprise, as she states, prayer has always been her weapon. She never fails to thank God for keeping her safe during and after each game in her prayers. She further emphasizes that adhering to the coach’s instructions is a key element of success. When asked for advice for aspiring athletes, Lacerna emphasizes the importance of humility, maintaining a positive outlook, and having a passion for your work. One must celebrate victory and accept defeat. She attributes her victory to the All-Powerful God, her parents, who have provided her with both material and spiritual support, and her coach, who has shared his wealth of expertise to help her triumph. Lacerna is living proof that by allowing the unexpected to happen, we can truly experience the miracles of life. She has discovered that the path to success is not an easy one, but she persists in tenaciously pursuing her goals and putting in great effort to achieve her aspirations. Taking risks is crucial. Success is most satisfying and rewarding when it occurs unexpectedly.

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