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Family reunion with a mission

Family reunion is an opportune time to rekindle love for each other, appreciate generational relationships within the clan, share stories, experiences and traditions, and heal wounds.
Actual planning and implementation for the Severo-Paulina Markines First Grand Reunion took seven months. Monthly, then bi-monthly meetings were held to identify programs, focal persons for each branch (Filomena, Leon, Nazario, Joaquina, Juana and Gaudencio) of the family, activities, materials needed; and plot out the flow of the reunion.
The grand reunion consisted of four parts: Welcome activities and Reunion Dinner, Medical Mission, Reunion resort party, and Get together/outing activities by branch.
Enchanting Cagnituan Falls and Guinsohotan Cave were among the places experienced by family members.
The highlight of the reunion was the Medical-Surgical-Dental mission. This was started by a wreath laying on the tombs of the family’s ancestors, followed by a parade (made lively by the Guadalupe Drums and Bugle band) around Can-iwan, and Holy Mass. Rice distribution to pre-determined 200 recipients was done simultaneously with the well-organized medical-surgical-dental mission. Medicines and multivitamins were distributed as prescribed.
Dr. Joecelyn Verano Villamor was the Overall Chairperson, and ably supported by her aunties and cousins.
The medical team consisted of surgeons Dr. Vicente Roble Jr. and Dr. Loi Correa, family practice Dr. Mena Cayetana Ramos, Dr. Angie Sampayan, Dr. Lean Leana Ordiz, Dr. Pau Plarisan; nurses, Joan Roble-Correa, Carmela Salazar-Layos, Carlo Layos, Phoebe Amago, Evelyn Ramos; dentist, Dr. Jane Maria Jochin and assistant Sheriel Maturan. Joyce Verano served as an interpreter. Joenah Verano- Flores, and student nurse Consh Caberte Markines took the vital signs.
Significant assists were rendered by Maasin Maternity Children Hospital OR nurses Haidy, Linze, Marvin, Ruby; and ward staff nurses, Paula, Anya, Jia, Yangyang and Riza in receiving the prescriptions and dispensing the medicines.
The Reyes-Adent Foundation represented by its president, Maria Hannah Markines Reyes Adent, and Jonathan Carillo donated multivitamins, antipyretics and other medical needs. Some drug companies also gave some medicines.
Cecilia Markines Verano, Milagros Auditor Demol, Luz Auditor, Aurora A. Salazar, General Bonifacio Ramos and other relatives from Visayas, Mindanao, Australia and the United States shared their time and resources to make the reunion successful and memorable.
A total of almost three weeks were spent by the reunion vacationeers from other countries.
The mission was the final wish of Dr. Niceta M. Lecaros and Engr. Oriel M. Carillo.
(JMVVillamor, GMReyes)

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